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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. MS destroys myelin, which acts as a protective layer of insulation around nerve tissue. Like a frayed electrical cord, the loss of the protective layer of myelin disrupts your body's ability to send and receive electrical impulses. Messages moving to and from the brain and through the spinal cord to other parts of the body are interrupted, faulty, or stopped altogether.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) vary widely, depending on the areas of the central nervous system that are affected. No two people experience exactly the same symptoms. Vision loss, coordination, numbness or tingling in the limbs, burning sensations, fatigue, weakness, spasticity, balance problems, bladder and bowel problems, tremors, and depression are all common symptoms.

The disease can be episodic with periods of recovery between relapses, or it can become progressively worse.

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Multiple Sclerosis and Social Security Disability

Obtaining disability benefits from Social Security on the basis of multiple sclerosis can be challenging for a number of reasons:

Document your Disability

We encourage people with multiple sclerosis to keep a journal of their symptoms and to be very careful to document the side effects of any medications they take. Even if medications improve your overall symptoms, documentation of the side effects can contribute to the success of an MS disability claim.

Multiple Sclerosis Resources

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has put together some excellent resources discussing filing for Social Security Disability including a guide summarizing best practices when filing for Social Security Disability and an article by Lissa Poirot discussing some of the difficulties of filing for Social Security Disability.

Whether you were recently diagnosed or have been struggling with MS for sometime, we highly recommend you visit their website. You can never have too much support.

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